Is Egg Yolk Healthy?

Many people believe to throw away the yolk from egg as it is believed to contain high cholesterol which can have negative effect on the body. Although egg is considered to be a high quality protein source but yolk have a bad repo in terms of cholesterol and fat content. But do you really know what you are actually throwing away with yolk? 

  1. Protein: A medium size egg contain approximately 7 gm of protein out of which 3 gram of protein is present in egg yolk. Protein of yolk is considered to be complete protein as it contain all the essential amino acids. This is important for recovery and repair of the muscles which is important for health and overall well being. 
  1. Good Fat: Egg yolk contain a combination of unsaturated and saturated fat which have their own benefits for body. A medium size egg yolk contain almost 185 mg of cholesterol which do not possess any health hazard until you already have any underlying issue. It also contain omega-3 fatty acid which is important for heart and brain health. Egg yolk also contain lecithin which is important for digestion of fat.
  1. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and egg yolk are one of the few food items which contain vitamin D. Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D for human body as skin contain precursors which can convert sunlight to vitamin D. In addition of vitamin D, egg yolk also contain calcium which is important for bone health and to maintain overall health of the body. 
  1. Minerals : Much important minerals like iron, zinc, selenium and potassium can be found in egg yolk in good quantity. According to USDA a single yolk of medium size egg approximately contain 60 mg phosphorus, 8.5 mg selenium and 15 mg potassium. These minerals are important in different functions happening in body to maintain the fundamental functions.
  1. Vitamins: Egg yolk contain a fair amount of vitamins including vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin A and choline. These vitamins works as a cofactor for many enzymatic reactions happening in the body and maintain their functioning. These vitamins plays a vital role in many energy producing reaction which helps in maintaining the energy levels.

So, there is no problem in consuming egg yolk if you don’t have any underlying health issue. If you already have high triglycerides or high amount of “bad” cholesterol in body then its better to avoid yolk to control the dietary cholesterol. But if you don’t have any underlying cardiovascular issue than you can enjoy your sunny side up egg with yolk in breakfast.


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