What Happens When You Drink Water Immediately After Meal

 When we drink water immediately after meal the digestive fire will get weak. Like pouring water on fire put out the fire same way having water after eating will blow off the digestive fire inside your stomach.Since water is a coolant it dilutes the gastric juices which impact the digestive system of our body.

Here are some reasons that why you should not drink water immediately after food : 

Causes Acidity 

Stomach contains digestive acids which help to breakdown and digest our food .Regularly drinking water right after meal can excrete these digestive juices. Indigestion cause  acidity which comes down to pain in joints.

Increase The Level of Insulin In Body 

Drinking water just after meal cause indigos that means that undigested food convert the glucose filled part of that food into fat and stores it.This process increases the blood sugar level of your body. 

Bad Cholesterol

It can lead to increase in LDL (Low-Density lipoproteins) level.When the cholesterol level increases in our body it is difficult for the blood to flow through veins which can lead to high blood pressure and can block the heart veins.

Makes You Put On Weight

As explained glucose in undigested food converts into fat which is stored in body and makes you obese.

Now, the point is how long need to wait to drink water after a meal? 

You can take water at least after 45-60 minutes of meal.This much time duration allow your body to absorb all nutrients.

Conclusion : Drinking water immediately after meal is not good for digestion.Drinking plenty of water is necessary for your good health but the right time is also important to drink water for better results. A small change in your habits can protect you from major life threatening diseases.


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