Some days we smell fresh and some days we don’t, which is very natural. But we have to know how to deal with it. There are few tips regarding diet and a few kitchen ingredients which can help us deal with the unpleasant odour. Such as:

Boost your fibre intake and keep the gut healthy: Vegetables and plant-based food contains a good amount of fibre which helps to keep our gut healthy and aids regular bowel movement. To detoxify the body fibre is very essential. For example, a green salad with sprouts helps to cleanse the system along with making us smell fresh.

Fresh Herbs: Fresh herbs such as mint or parsley adds a fresh fragrance to the system. Consuming those on a regular basis lowers the body heat as well as gives a fresh fragrance during summer. For eg. consuming fresh mint juice with few drops of lemon and salt during the morning keeps you fresh all day.

Citrus Fruits: Eating fresh citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges on a regular basis can help limit the musky smells that are very common during summer. The acids present in citrus fruits helps to flush out water from the body, along with this types of fruits contain fibre which helps in detoxification and reduce body odour. 

Milk: The toned or skimmed milk proves beneficial to reduce the altering odour produced by sulphur containing foods. Apart from consumption whole milk topical application is also helpful to reduce sweating.

Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV proves to be beneficial for detoxifying the body while removing harmful particles it also helps in reducing body odour. Apart from this application of ACV is beneficial for reducing smelly feet. It kills the bacteria producing foul smell also reduces the excess sweat production.

Green tea / Flavoured Tea:  Green tea is rich with antioxidants. While helping with detoxification and weight loss it also purifies the body and reduces the body odour. During summer instead of hot beverages, iced flavoured tea helps us beat the scorching heat while giving us a fresh fragrance.

So as to conclude check your diet to keep your body odour in check and incorporate the healthy ingredient in your life to avail its multiple benefits.

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