Diwali is the best time of the year followed by Navratri. This auspicious occasion is celebrated across the country, which involves indulging in various delicacies like ladoos, fritters, etc.

Many people feel guilty after eating so much unhealthy food and opt for a detox which may last even for a week. What if you are told that you do not need to do any detox? Read on to know more.

Post festive detox plans are all myths as going on an “almost starvation” mode is not required to be done. Celebrations are not meant to make you feel guilty later on. This weight loss industry has altogether changed the insight of an individual towards food completely.

This Diwali eat, enjoy and spread love without any guilt or fear of going overboard on calories. If you look at the other bright side, the delicacies help nourish your body with the nutrients it offers. The only thing which you should have in mind is, that for any food - keeping portion size in control is the key!

Remember, there is no miracle food which can help you detox. All local and seasonal foods are meant to be part of your diet. Your body has a natural mechanism of detoxing, i.e. liver and kidneys. Leave detoxification to them and do not complicate your healthy relationship with food.

Eating traditional food is great for your health and is meant to be relished. Eating guilt-free maintains harmony between your mind, body and soul. If you have been eating balanced diets and enjoying meals with contentment, then there is no chance of overindulgence!

To be clear, people who deprive themselves of food to follow a prolonged period of deprivation, are the ones who over-indulge!

Therefore, even post-Diwali, eat your simple traditional food, exercise and sleep well, this will automatically help you detox.

Follow a sustainable diet which includes all your favourite cultural foods, makes you happy, is the true essence of eating well and staying nourished.

Enjoy the Festivities!

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