Biotin is the most suggested multivitamin known to convert nutrients into energy. It is needed for the proper health of your hair, skin and nails.

If you are not getting enough of it, then it might affect your hair, skin and nails.

Many food sources contain vitamin B6, and if you include these foods, then there are fewer chances that you might be deficient in it. The known food sources of biotin are eggs, fish, meat, nuts, seeds and certain vegetables like sweet potatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower.

What does biotin do?

It helps metabolise fatty acids, blood glucose and amino acids in your body. NIH plays a role in gene regulation and cell signalling (the process which coordinates the action of your body’s cells).

What does research suggest about hair growth and biotin?

It has been observed that it is beneficial for better hair, skin and nails. But only limited data suggests that taking supplements can help promote hair growth, especially if you are not deficient in it.

So, it is suggestible that if you are not including the above-mentioned foods in your diet, then supplements may be an option for you. It is available in the form of a capsule or tablets.

Biotin is safe to consume, and it is water-soluble, so extra biotin is flushed out easily.

What are the other nutrients which go along with biotin? If you want to buy a supplement for your hair growth, then look for the one which has zinc, vitamin C and folic acid as well.

Moreover, having a balanced nutritious diet, eating clean and avoiding refined carbohydrates such as maida bread, bakery items, etc. which are poor sources of nutrients should be followed.

In other terms, it is advisable to have protein sources of food and include a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds which help provide with the needed micronutrients.

Exercising and following certain yoga asanas like headstand may help improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Therefore, if you want a biotin supplement, it is suggested to visit or talk to a health professional to know the right dosage as per your diet. Also, biotin is just one nutrient, and your hair growth doesn’t entirely depend upon it. Maintaining an overall balance in your diet is needed.

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