There are a variety of edible flowers which not only spread aroma but also help provide various health benefits

1. Burans Flower - Juice Extract 

Burans is an authentic welcome beverage most exclusively available in Uttarakhand and next in Himachal Pradesh. This juice is saccharine nectar extracted from beautiful bright red flowers, the scientific name is Rhododendron arboreum.

Scientifically proven to cure heart diseases, sugar, liver & kidney problems.

Also, a regular intake of the drink is proven to be helpful against mild seasonal diseases, diarrhoea, dysentery, hair loss, and skin acne.

2) Hibiscus Flower

They are used in tea and as a garnish in various dishes. It is specially used to make pickles and curries. Also, it can be used to make gulkand, types of jam and as a garnish for many Indian sweets.

It is good for maintaining blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

3) Dandelions

They are considered nutritious as they are known to fight free radicals, help reduce inflammation and cholesterol.

They can be used to make jellies, wine too.

4) Banana Flower

Banana flowers are a great source of magnesium.

They may support menstrual wellness.

Help reduce anxiety and boost mood.

Good for a diabetic as it may control sugar levels.

They can be added to soups, salads and vegetables.

5) Moringa Flower

It offers vital amino acids and is an excellent source of calcium and potassium.

It helps reduce the incidence of oedema & muscle spasms.

It is good for stomach issues.

Can be easily brewed in herbal teas, also be added to milk.

6) Chamomile Flower

 It is used to reduce anxiety, help relax your muscles and promote better sleep.

It may reduce menstrual pain and bloating issues.

It helps reduce inflammation.

It can be infused in a tea.

8) Rose Flower

There are more than 150 spices of roses, and all are edible. They are aromatic, have a sweet flavour and can be eaten raw, or mixed with salads, herbs, etc. Most commonly consumed as gulkand in India which helps relieve acidity issues. It helps soothe a sore throat, and relieve headaches. It may also help prevent and treat infections.

When Not To Consume Flowers 

  • If allergic to flowers
  • Have hay fever, asthma and physiological phases of life like pregnancy and asthma.
  • They should be cleaned properly before use.


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