Most of us have started living a healthy lifestyle by focusing on healthy eating habits that include cultural dishes which are healthy, nutritious and tasty. Fermented foods are rich sources of B vitamins and vitamin K2. The fermented products should be part of the diet, and we can add variety in our diet by including them coming from various food groups.

1. Odisha's famous “Enduri Pitha”

The ingredients black gram dal and parboiled rice are ground together to make a batter which then is fermented. The batter is then spread over turmeric leaf and steamed, this makes it a superfood, as 100 gm of this offers approximately 7 gm protein, 2.9 gm of fibre and gives energy, strengthening the body’s immune system.

2. Manipur’s famous “Hawaijar”

Hawaijar is a rich source of protein made from soybean. It is sticky and prepared by fermenting cooked soya beans in banana or fig leaves kept in a closed bamboo basket for 3-5 days. It is highly nutritious as it offers important nutrients like calcium, iron, B vitamins and minerals. Approximately 50gm of Hawaijar provides 20 gms of protein and 5.5 gm fibre, making it a great pick for fitness enthusiasts.

3. Northeast's famous “Gundruk”

This dish is traditionally from Nepal but is common in northeastern states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Meghalaya. It is prepared by fermenting leafy veggies such as mustard leaves, beet greens, radish leaves, etc. and is used as a side dish. They are prepared by wilting green leafy vegetables for a day or two. Followed by pounding them with a little water, squeeze them and finally pack them away in tight-lidded jars for a few days to ferment.

This makes it rich in probiotic properties, and it gains on potassium, calcium and sodium.

4. Every household's famous “Dahi”

This dish is easy to prepare and a rich source of folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B-complex, and lactic acid bacteria. It is rich in good bacteria, thereby responsible for better gut health and suitable for everyone providing immense health benefits. It is great for strengthening our immunity as well.

5. Sikkim's famous “Sel Roti”

It is prepared from locally grown rice, which is first soaked in cold water overnight. The soaked rice is then mixed with flour, butter and condiments like cardamom, nutmeg, and clove. This mixture is then kneaded and left for fermentation, it helps improve the digestive proteins.

These varieties of fermented foods are nutrient-packed and help boost immunity, health and provide more power to you.

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