Hypertension is commonly known as high blood pressure. It is a lifestyle condition due to certain factors like lack of exercise, smoking, stress, diet, and even genetics play a major role. Usually, it is a symptomless condition thus known as “the silent killer.“ This makes it very important for us to keep a regular check on our blood pressure because elevated blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, diabetes, kidney disease, vision loss and heart failure. So, follow a good healthy dietary approach for it and never neglect regular screening of your blood pressure.

Some herbs that should be included in your diet to help you lower high blood pressure are:

• Cardamom: This spice has a lot of health benefits, and its powder or seeds can be used in a variety of ways to reduce blood pressure.

• Flax seeds: It protects against cardiovascular diseases as it is an antioxidant and improves glucose tolerance by reducing serum cholesterol. Store it in a freezer to maintain its optimum potency.

• Garlic: It helps increase nitric oxide in our body to relax and dilate our blood vessels resulting in reduced blood pressure and increased blood flow.

• Ginger: It helps to relax the muscles around blood vessels and improves blood circulation resulting in controlled blood pressure.

• Basil: Its extract has been proven to have a blood pressure-lowering effect but only briefly. Eugenol found in basil is a chemical that blocks substances that tighten blood vessels. It results in dropping the blood pressure. But more studies are required. But adding fresh basil leaves to your everyday cooking has no side effects.

• Cinnamon: It can have a blood pressure-lowering effect as the cinnamon extract is able to lower both - prolonged case of hypertension and the sudden - onset of hypertension.

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