The current COVID -19 pandemic, seems to be never-ending to us but has made us realise the importance of immunity in maintaining good health.

We know the importance of including certain nutrients which have a positive impact on building our immunity. Now, along with consuming such foods, it is equally important to omit foods which reduce our immunity.

The following foods should be avoided for better immunity:

1. Processed & Packaged Foods 

Nutrition taken in the right amount helps build our immunity and when it comes to consuming processed foods like ready to eat breakfast options, refined flour-based bread, snacks with added sweeteners, fat, and other ingredients can hamper the immune system, as they do not contribute in improving the immunity.

2. Bakery Items 

Most of the bakery products are rich in sugar in various forms like, coconut sugar, table sugar, caster sugar, etc, which provide only added calories. So, including these when in combination with refined flour, be it gluten-free, which takes away the fibre makes it a poor source of nutrients, which again doesn’t work in favour of building immunity.

3. Fatty Foods 

Foods which are fried like French fries, fritters and other fried options available from outside are not healthy. The oil they are deep-fried in can be high in trans fat, contributing to cholesterol problems.

Saturated foods like ice creams, desserts with cream, red meat, etc. should not be consumed in high quantities.

Habits that work on worsening your immunity and nullifies the effect of a good diet.

Chronic Smoking 

Smoking is unhealthy and chronic smoking affects our lungs badly. It affects our stamina and increases toxins in our body. Any increase in free radicals will automatically have a bad impact on immunity.

High Alcohol intake and sweetened carbonated beverages 

The most commonly consumed social drinks not only offer you empty calories but may also work towards increasing gut health issues that reduce the nutrient assimilation and contributes to lower gut health. Thus, affecting the immune system indirectly.

To conclude, a poor diet and habits like smoking, drinking, erratic sleep patterns can strongly influence the immune system.

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