Every woman has to go through that time of the month when they are menstruating, it is the time when they are more prone to diseases and deficiencies. So it is important to eat healthily and stay healthy while you embrace those days.

Here are a few foods that may help relive period related discomfort:


Bananas are one of the readily available fruits that are rich in fibre that works great for easy bowel movement. This results in a lesser bloating experience and pain. Bananas also contain a lot of magnesium, which is known to reduce the severity of period cramps. The presence of vitamin B6 and a healthy dose of potassium helps relieve your bloating and cramping symptoms.


Adding fish to your diet brings iron, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids to the platter. The iron helps maintain the bodily iron levels without letting them dip while menstruating. Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation, therefore good for pain relief.

Ginger Tea

Ginger in your tea can soothe achy muscles as it has anti-inflammatory effects. It also cures nausea and bloating while being a good replacement for your regular tea or coffee that can energise you and help you feel more awake.


Oats are full of fibre that keeps us satiated for longer, they're also a good source of zinc and magnesium. You enjoy them as oatmeal or a cookie form, or in a healthy batch of homemade granola.


Keeping a good fluid intake is always essential as it maintains a good balance in the body. Fluids then become even more essential when your body is cramping or bloating. A glass of water may help reduce some of your period-related bloating and gas issues.

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