It is time for another much-awaited Karwa Chauth, which is a Hindu festival celebrated in the northern part of India. On this auspicious occasion, married women observe nirjala fast (without water) right from sunrise to moonrise. A pre-dawn meal known as “Sargi” is eaten before sunrise and after that, the next meal, water is consumed only after sighting and offering a prayer to the moon. Women worship and pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for their husband’s long life and health.

A day before Karwa Chauth

Have a balanced complete meal a night before the occasion.

Drink lots of fluids to maintain better hydration levels in the body.

The Sargi - Eating tips
  • Never skip sargi.
  • Avoid sugary food or drinks, and high salted or fried foods as they tend to increase one’s thirst and acidity as well.
  • Try eating protein-rich foods as it is a healthy option and will keep you full throughout the day. Eg paneer, curd.
Drink water, juices

Prepare yourself to stay hydrated for the rest of the day by drinking lots of water at the time sargi. Also, Lukewarm water is preferred to be taken than cold water. Coconut water, lemon water, cucumber mint infused water are good options which will help you stay energised and hydrated by providing minerals. Furthermore, you can start including these fluids a couple of days before itself.

Avoid tea, coffee and energy drinks, which are high in caffeine, as they make you dehydrated.

Include Dry fruits

Eating overnight soaked nuts is an excellent option as they are compact nutrient-dense, contain fat and essential vitamins and minerals. Nuts help provide better satiety feeling and help keep you full for a longer time.

Eg - almonds, walnuts, raisins, figs, dates

Milk - Having milk along with nuts or fruits can also work as a good meal option.

After the fast

It is generally observed that women usually have tea or coffee immediately after breaking the fast. It should be completely avoided as it increases the acidity in the stomach. So, instead one should opt for refreshing options like kokum sherbet, fresh fruit juice or buttermilk.

Include dal, paneer, vegetable along with a multigrain roti with a tsp of ghee to not just suffice your hunger, but taste buds too. For sweets, homemade dry fruit, ladoos or sevia / rice kheer, ghia or almond halwa with less sugar are better options than sugar-laden fried sweets.

Some more Tips

  • Light exercise in the form of stretches or a walk for 20-30 minutes can help boost your energy levels considerably.
  • Avoid sun exposure or any kind of exhausting physical work - As body demands energy and fluid to keep going, abstaining from food and water becomes more difficult.
  • Keep your mind occupied by keeping yourself busy in activities which you enjoy doing or go to work, to keep your mind away from food.

To all the lovely ladies, who are excited for the day, hope you have a great Karwa Chauth and happy fasting!

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