Carrots are delicious and healthy with a wide array of nutrients. They come in a variety of colours but inhere we will discuss purple or black carrots.

Carrots are rich in nutrients like dietary fibre, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, C, B6, K and biotin. They are low in calories and have a rich nutritional value. But what makes black carrots unique is that they come with an extra boost of antioxidants.

Black carrots contain a plant pigment called anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. They have the potential to tackle free radicals and avert oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is associated with an increased risk of cancer, heart diseases and several neurological disorders.

Some of the reasons to include black carrots in your diet are-

1. Packed with antioxidants - Presence of anthocyanin makes black carrots an excellent source of antioxidants. Anthocyanin rich foods are also related to reduced inflammation. They suppress the level of certain pro-inflammatory cytokines which might affect our heart adversely. Some studies have also observed that people who included black carrots in their diet had improved blood flow, better heart and blood vessel functioning. Similarly, researches have shown that intake of black carrots protects against cancers of colorectal, breast, liver, blood and skin.

2. Promote weight loss - Black carrots are rich in dietary fibre. They provide fullness and reduce unwanted food cravings. They can be eaten raw as a snack or in a salad. Black carrots juice is also healthy but prefers consuming whole foods to get a dose of dietary fibre as well.

3. Better digestive health - Being rich in dietary fibre, black carrots promote our gut health as well. They aid in the proliferation of good microbes in our gut, alleviating any indigestion issues like constipation, acidity, heartburn and diarrhoea. Better gut health curtails the likelihood of leaky gut and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

4. Reduces risk of metabolic disorders - Power-packed nutrient profile of black carrots keep our overall health in check by reducing the risk of certain metabolic ailments like high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels, obesity and hypertension. Black carrots' high dietary fibre content keeps a check on our blood lipid and glucose profile which is critical to keep our metabolism healthy and for the smooth functioning of organs. In addition, black carrots provide vitamins and minerals, which keeps blood pressure in control, promotes muscle health and electrolytic balance of the body.

5. Good for vision health - Anthocyanins are also good for our eye health. They promote vision, keep eyes healthy, minimises the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

To sum up, black carrots are delicious, nutritious and easy to incorporate in the diet. They can be used in salads, juices, smoothies, desserts, soups, broths and stews. With an impressive profile of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, black or purple carrots promote heart, brain, digestive health and overall well-being.

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