Dalia or broken wheat is one of the healthiest cereals. Since, it is made with whole wheat, it has nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin B6 and sodium. It is easy to digest and has been a part of Indian cuisine since ages. Dalia is very versatile and can be enjoyed anytime as a snack or main meal. Some of the reasons to include dalia in our daily diet are -  

1.  Supports Weight Loss - Dalia is good for people wanting to lose or maintain weight. It is low in calories but rich in other nutrients. Dalia helps boost metabolic rate, promote weight loss and prevent food cravings. It can be consumed with milk as a healthy breakfast cereal. People who are fond of eating rice can also choose dalia instead. Vegetable dalia made with a lot of veggies is an excellent alternative to pulao. 

2.  Rich in Dietary Fibre - Dalia is rich in dietary fibre. Approx. 100g of dalia provides 18g of dietary fibre which makes it a boon for our gut intestinal health. This high fibre content also aids in providing satiety during weight loss and adds bulk to stool. It promotes the growth of probiotics in the body hence strengthens our gut health.

3.  Regularises Bowel Movement - High dietary fibre content of dalia regularises our bowel movement and relieves indigestion issues like constipation, acidity, diarrhoea and gastric issues. 

4.  Good for Diabetics - Dalia works wonder for diabetics. Being a low glycemic and complex- carbohydrate-rich food, dalia prevents sudden insulin spikes on consumption. It provides sustained release of energy for longer duration and minimises the risk of hypo and hyperglycemia. Due to the presence of dietary fibre as well, it helps manage blood glucose levels by preventing any fluctuation.

5.  Manage Cholesterol Levels - Dalia promotes healthy heart functioning by keeping a check on our blood cholesterol levels. It prevents arteries from getting blocked and improves blood flow. Some studies have observed that regular intake of dalia minimises the high cholesterol levels by approx. 21%. 

6.  Rich in Protein - Dalia is a plant-based protein rice source. Active people, athletes and weight watchers can make use of its high protein content in their planned diets to achieve their fitness goal. 

7.  Good for Brain Health - Dalia is rich in many minerals including magnesium. Our body needs magnesium to keep the brain nerves calm and healthy, to ensure their smooth functioning. Magnesium also soothes muscle aches and improves sleep quality.

To conclude, dalia is one power-packed energy source which comes with many other health benefits. Not just for adults, dalia is a popular weaning food for infants as well. It is easily digestible, supports proper growth and development. Try including it in your diet to feel the difference.  

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