Tart cherries are a fruit of the Prunus cerasus tree. As compared to the sweet cherries, tart cherries are sour in taste, therefore, popularly consumed in the dried, frozen or juice form.  

Tart cherry juice is fondly consumed by many people due to its potential health benefits. Let’s discuss how it benefits our health and body.

1. Rich in nutrients -Tart cherries are packed with nutrients like vitamin A, C and K. It is also rich in minerals like copper, potassium and manganese. Consuming tart cherry juice daily can significantly contribute to meeting the daily requirement of these nutrients.  

2. Packed with antioxidants - Tart cherry juice comes with the benefits of vitamin A & C and plant pigments like anthocyanins that act as powerful antioxidants in our body. They combat free radicals, oxidative stress which otherwise has the potential to mutilate our healthy cells, tissues and cause mutations in DNA. These antioxidants are also anti-cancerous in nature, they keep our skin, heart and eyes healthy. 

3.  Reduces inflammation - Tart cherries are effective in reducing the levels of certain inflammatory markers. A study conducted in 2019, explains the effects of tart cherry juice in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Participants were given 480 ml of tart cherry juice daily for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, researchers noticed a significant reduction in the levels of C-reactive proteins, which are the markers of inflammation. The risk of developing cardiovascular disorders was also reduced among people who consumed tart cherry juice as compared to the placebo group. This indicates that tart cherry juice may also be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of gout and arthritis.

4. Reduces muscle soreness - Athletes and active people can also include tart cherry juice in their daily fitness regimen to strengthen their muscles and reduce soreness. Another study conducted on runners observed that athletes consuming tart cherry juice experienced less soreness, inflammation and muscle damage, post an intense marathon session.

5. Improves sleep quality - Tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Regular intake of tart cherry juice aids in improving our sleep quality. Additionally, the presence of tryptophan and anthocyanins assists in the production of this sleep hormone in our body, making it effective for relieving sleep-related issues like insomnia. 

6. Boosts brain health - Being rich in antioxidants, tart cherry juice fights oxidative stress and prevents cognitive decline. It boosts our brain functioning and diminishes the incidence of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. 

7. Strengthens immunity - Nutrients and antioxidant rich attributes of tart cherry juice makes it excellent for our immune health. It enhances our ability to fight against infections and inflammation. 

To conclude, tart cherry juice has an impressive nutritional profile. It contains many vitamins, minerals, plant pigments and antioxidants, all of which exerts multiple health benefits. Tart cherry juice can easily be incorporated into our diet. Try it and feel the difference.

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