Dry cough can occur due to any bacterial infection, allergy, cold, asthma, environmental toxins or cigarette smoke. Dry cough can be irritating, annoying and painful. Although there are medical treatments available in this article, we will focus on some of the simple home remedies or tips to alleviate dry cough.

Turmeric - Turmeric is a wonder spice well-known for its anti-bacterial, anti-septic and numerous other benefits. It is also an excellent remedy for dry cough due to the presence of curcumin. Consume turmeric tea to get relief from dry cough, one can also add a dash of honey to make it more palatable.

Ginger - Ginger is one of the widely accepted and preferred remedies when it comes to treating cough and colds. Presence of gingerol makes it a superb anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herb. Either chew a fresh piece of ginger, try ginger extract capsules or have ginger tea to treat dry cough.

Staying hydrated is also essential if you want to get rid of dry cough.

Avoid smoking and use of strong propellants like perfumes, deodorants, mosquito repellants, etc. which might exacerbate dry cough.

Liquorice Tea - Liquorice root tea is very effective in treating dry cough as it acts as an expectorant. It possesses anti-bacterial properties which can soothe our throat and provides relief from pain and dry cough. Liquorice tea is delicious and has been shown to provide comfort within a short time.

Garlic and Honey - Honey has been in use since ancient times, in multiple home remedies to restore health. It is either used solely or with ginger and black pepper to alleviate dry cough and cold. Honey has an antibacterial effect on the body and it can also be used with garlic to make use of garlic’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Try using syrup of honey and garlic with clove oil.

Gargle your throat with lukewarm water. Dissolve a pinch of sea salt and turmeric in lukewarm water and use it for gargling to ease a dry cough.

Try these simple home remedies to diminish or cure dry cough. In case you are unable to beat your dry cough with home remedies, it is advisable to consult a physician. Prolonged dry cough can also be a sequel to acid reflux, asthma or GERD. 

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