Sleep is immensely crucial for physical, emotional and mental health. However, when we have a busy schedule, it is the first thing that we tend to compromise to accommodate other events.

What happens while you sleep?

  • Efficient long-term memory recall
  • The body regulates cortisol (helps manage stress), human growth hormone (to repair muscle tissue), insulin (to regulate blood pressure) and others
  • Recovery of muscles
  • Restoration of your immune system
  • Good metabolic function

What happens if you are sleep deprived?

  • It impairs attentiveness
  • Reaction time and coordination are disrupted
  • Increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and weight gain issues.
  • May lead to depression

Sleeping hours required depends upon certain factors:-

  • Age
  • Genetic makeup
  • Sleep Quality
  • Health status

The amount of sleep you need varies for each person depending upon certain factors, and generally, one is required to sleep for 7-9 hours each day to recover.

If you are not able to sleep well or have an erratic sleep pattern, then it is time to identify and confront the challenges that are robbing you off your sleep.

Know the common sleep busters 

  • Drinking caffeine close to sleeping time.
  • Eating a late evening meal
  • Avoid napping six hours before bedtime
  • Minimise your screen time before bedtime.

If you sleep more or less than recommended then also you need to renew your sleep. Also, when the body’s temperature is high due to fever or suffering from injury, then your body demands more sleep.

Tips for having a sound sleep 

  • Fix a sleeping routine which includes setting time, the right environment of the bedroom and stress-free mind.

- Set a regular bedtime and wake-up timing to regularise your sleep.

  • Stay away from electronic gadgets before going to bed.
  • Set the room temperature accordingly, which suits you and wear comfortable closings at bedtime.

Sleep is fundamental to your health and should never get neglected. Unfortunately, people don’t fully realise its importance, therefore face its consequences sooner or later.

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