Human body is made up of approximately 70% water which hold the role in internal organ functioning and overall well-being. Staying hydrated improves the body performance and help in flushing out the toxins. There are many benefits of staying hydrated but many people underestimate the power of water for their body. So here we are discussing the benefits and requirement of water for human body.

The right way to check your hydration status is to keep the check on the colour of your urine. The urine colour should be transparent to pale yellow to be said rightly hydrated. Even 2% dehydration can affect the performance of any sports person and athlete. Hydration gets affected by many factors including age, gender, sweat rate and external factors like humidity and weather temperature. Therefore, to maintain the performance, strength and stamina of the body adequate hydration is very important. Many benefits of adequate hydration are mentioned below:

  1. Thermoregulation: Water helps in regulating core temperature of the body by regulating heat and sweat rate of the body. Whenever, anybody performs any activity it increases the heat in the body leading to increase in the temperature which leads your brain to take it as fatigue. This is regulated by water as it take heat from the body to the surface of skin where it is evaporated in the form of sweat. Hence, adequate hydration is required to regulate the temperature of the body. If you sweat more you need to include more water accordingly to maintain the overall health.
  1. Improved Blood Flow: Water play a major role in maintaining the consistency of blood. If blood get too thick it will hamper the blood pressure which will put extra pressure on blood vessels and heart. This can lead to lifestyle disorders like hypertension and different cardio vascular disorders. Therefore, adequate hydration is important to maintain the heart and brain health.
  1. Healthy Internal Organs: Water helps in detoxification of internal organs by helping them in flushing out the toxins from the body. Specially kidney where all the filtration is done water plays a major role. Without water salts will get concentrated which can lead to kidney stones. Also, many reactions happen via water as a medium in liver and other organs that is important to maintain the internal organ health.
  1. Healthy Skin: Right hydration keeps the blood flow proper that makes your skin look healthy and to get the glow. Right blood flow helps in taking skin all the required micronutrients that also keeps the ageing signs and wrinkles away. This also helps you in look younger and maintain the skin health.
  1. Improved Digestive Tract: Adequate water helps in keeping the digestive tract and urinary tract clean. This also improves the nutrient absorption in intestine and hence improving the assimilation of the absorbed nutrients. Adequate water also helps in improving event of acute constipation and irregular bowel movement. Therefore, right hydration is the key to keep your digestion healthy.
  1. Reduce Fatigue: Water is the medium for many energy producing reaction and even 2% dehydration can lead to fatigue, loss strength and endurance performance. Although, water don’t provide any energy in terms of calories, protein or fat but it is important for their metabolism. Even a intense and prolong activity can lead to generation of heat in the body which increases the temperature of brain and can lead to fatigue. Therefore, right hydration helps in keeping the fatigue away by regulating the temperature and sweat rate.
  1. Improved Muscle Mass: Muscle store glycogen in them which act as a reserved store of energy for any activity. But, to store 1 molecule of glycogen approximately 3 molecule of water is required. Hence, in case of dehydration you are more prone for muscle cramp and electrolyte imbalance.

Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day to get the maximum benefit of adequate hydration. To get the maximum hydration you can include fresh water, coconut water, buttermilk, seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily routine.

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