Getting up in the morning and hydrating yourself is a must to activate your organs and to excrete out toxins. It gives a kick start to your morning and keeps you refreshed for long.

Many people are in a habit of taking infused water like zeera seeds infused water and methi seeds infused water, also including certain fresh juices like lemongrass juice can also be beneficial.

What is the purpose of doing all this? All these morning rituals help provide you with antioxidants and nutrients needed to strengthen immunity and improve your health.

There are various foods and spices known to boost your immunity. So, how about starting your day with juices?

Giloy Juice 

Giloy is known to boost immunity as it contains important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that work on strengthening your immunity and help regulate your sugar levels better.

Amla -Aloe Vera Juice 

It works well for those who look forward to having better skin and hair along with immunity. Amla is a storehouse of vitamin C, while aloe vera has carotenoids, vitamin E and C, known for immune regulating properties.

Mausami Juice 

This juice not just tastes amazing, but is also an abundant source of vitamin C, the most potent antioxidant to fight free radicals.

Wheatgrass Juice 

It is a blood purifier that works for removing toxins and enhances liver health, which is the main detoxifying organ of our body.

Raisin Water 

It is great for improving your gut health. Your immune system also relies on the strength of gut health as up to 70% of the immune cells are nurtured in the gut itself. It has a direct impact on the regulation of the immune system.

For the best effective results, consume the above juices early morning empty stomach and continue for a certain period. Also, keep switching between different juices accordingly.

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