Why breakfast is important ?

It provides energy for activities that lay ahead, as it fuels you for the rest of the day. In addition, it boosts your metabolism and reduces the chance of over-consuming foods later in the day. It helps keep your sugar levels at bay and staves off fatigue.

Importantly, skipping your breakfast or not making the right choice of food also makes a lot of difference to your health and weight management.

Breakfast Goals

  • Consume around 15-25% daily calories if you are on maintenance
  • Calories may vary depending upon various factors
  • 300-500 Kcal for women
  • 375-625 Kcal for men
  • If you are looking forward to shedding weight, then the calorie deficit is required to attain optimum results

What should a breakfast contain?

A wholesome breakfast should have complex carbohydrates, lean protein and fibre.

  • Whole grains provides  both fibre and energy.
  • Fruits and vegetables help provide fibre and vitamins and minerals.
  • Protein sources help provide better satiety and keeps you full for long.

Important considerations

  • Portion size is the most important key factor, particularly when you choose to eat carbohydrates. High carbohydrate and fat intake with less protein make an imbalanced meal leading to a sluggish you.
  • Never wake up to caffeine.
  • Use homemade spreads such as vegetable hung curd or chickpea hummus.
  • Choose to have minimally processed breakfast cereals, and look out for its sugar and fat content before buying it.
  • Eat fresh fruits and say no to packaged fruit juices.
  • Choose to have low-fat dairy products.

Healthy options and combinations

  • Breakfast cereals made of whole grains – wheat flakes, oats, millets + milk + fruit
  • Poha/ dalia / oats with vegetables + sprouts/peanuts
  • Millets (Ragi/ Jowar) dosa /idli + veg sambhar and coconut chutney
  • Besan/ black channa chilla topped with vegetables and curd
  • Vegetable - paneer/chicken sandwich (Choose whole wheat bread + lots of vegetables + protein option, no low-fat dressings)
  • Eggs + vegetables + toast
  • Sprouts + cubes of paneer + veggies

In conclusion, stating the obvious that you should never skip your breakfast as it fuels you up for the rest of the day and keeps you going. It is equally important that what you choose to eat is wholesome and in the right proportion. As it makes a lot of difference to your overall health and daily routine.

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