These habits will definitely help you in keeping that extra weight off for good.

Morning Habits: 

• Getting some sunlight in the morning helps to meet your vitamin D requirements that prevent weight gain and aids in weight loss. Try to get 10-15 minutes of sunlight each morning to increase your weight loss effects.

• Protein intake helps to decrease the levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone), thus we don’t have an increased appetite. Start your day with eggs, cottage cheese, chia seeds, nuts, etc.

• Having plenty of water in the morning helps to increase your energy expenditure. It also keeps you well hydrated and reduces your appetite.

• When you weigh yourself every morning it helps to increase motivation and improves self-control.

• Morning workouts help to boost your metabolism and control your blood sugar levels throughout the day while increasing satiety.

• Planning your meals is linked to improved diet quality and reduced risk of excess body fat as you don’t tend to eat unhealthy food items.

• When you keep a food diary, it can be an effective way to account for things. It makes it easier to track your exercise and diet.

Night Habits:

• Structure the sleeping and eating time as it will help you spread your meals over the day and make you feel less hungry at night. Lack of sleep is linked to increased calorie intake and obesity. A fixed routine can help you break this cycle of unhealthy behaviour.

• When you have a meal plan, it reduces the chances of making poor food choices and impulsive eating. With a meal plan, your food intake is equally distributed, and this also helps to keep hunger at bay.

• Never skip your meals during day time as this may result in extreme hunger at night. Distribute your meals equally to avoid nighttime eating.

• If you are able to identify and monitor what triggers you to eat at night, then you will be able to break this eating cycle. Track your eating habits and feelings in order to identify your pattern.

• Remove any kind of high sugar, high-fat junk food from your house. It prevents snacking and overeating.

• Plan something that you enjoy doing to keep your mind occupied to prevent mindless late-night snacking.

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