There are many food items which are considered to be healthy for consumption but actually are not. Moderation is the key for right and balanced nutrition but consumption of not so healthy food cannot lead you to achieve your health or fitness goal. Here is a list of some not so healthy food that are trending these days:

1. Fruit and Nuts Muesli: You must have heard the the benefits of fruits and nuts for health and adding different cereal grains to it will definitely be a great and healthy food choice. But, the fruits and nuts combination found in packed muesli is high in sugar content because of their preservation and processing method. Also, added cereal grains are highly refined which contain less to no fibre which makes it easy to digest and will not keep you full for longer. Overall, if you look at the nutritional label you will find added ingredients like maltose, corn syrups, artificial sweeteners and preservative which have no benefits. Hence, instead of going for muesli go for whole grain option or have muesli which is organic or have more of fibre instead of sugar.

2. Packed trail mix: We all are well aware of benefits of nuts and seed for good health and many health experts advice to munch on these in between meal to get the punch of fibre, protein and many other micro nutrients. However, the packed trail mix which is easily available in market are generally have higher amount of salt and added preservatives. Also, they contain preserved fruit slices which are rich in sugar content depending upon their processing and preserving technique. Hence, its always better to have fresh nuts and seed to get the maximum benefits.

2. Flavoured yoghurt: Chopped fresh fruits in plain yoghurt is considered to be one of the great mid meal snack. However, because of the convenience the flavoured yoghurt is getting popular in market. They are claimed to be high in probiotic benefits with added micro nutrients which provides you many health benefits. However, little you know is they are rich in unwanted sugar content which can add extra calories in your diet. Before, picking up any flavoured yoghurt pack make sure to check nutritional label to get the info about sugar content.

3. Protein Bars: Everybody try to include more of the protein in diet to make them healthy. To achieve this target the easy options many people consider is having protein bars. Many companies promote their bars to have high quality protein with low carbohydrates, high fibre and other enriched micronutrients. However, they are rich in sugar content which provides major calorie portion. Always make sure to look at the nutritional labelling to check the ingredients, protein content and sugar content.

4. Modified sushi rolls: Traditional sushi roll which serve roll of fish and little portion of rice with seaweed veggies and miso soup is considered to be a balanced meal and good for health because of its nutrient quality. However, nowadays many modified sushi roll are served which contain high sodium because of presence of different sauces like soy sauce. Therefore, before you make these sushi roll your daily meal ensure the quantity of served meal and content of sauces present.

These foods are promoted as a healthy alternative trends but be sure of what you are eating. Moderation is the key for good health and body, hence, having any of above once in a while will not harm you. Also, ensure to check nutritional label before you take any of the packed products.

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