One of the most awaited fasts is here, women who fast on this day are required to abstain from water and food all day after sargi. If someone doesn’t eat or drink proper food during it, then it may cause dehydration, hypotension and even hypoglycaemia, especially among Type1 diabetics. Once the fasting period is over, women often tend to overindulge in foods that are high in fat, carbohydrate and calories. So, below are certain food options which can help manage your fast better, making a right choice can help keep your energy levels up, lower chances of being thirsty and may even avoid chances of overeating.

Foods for Sargi 

Eat a nutrient-rich meal as it will enable you to sustain throughout the day.

  • Pick any fruit - Seasonal fruits like pomegranate, apples or banana. Fruits help provide you with electrolytes needed to thrive better without water.
  • Have some dry fruits - They are nutrient and energy-dense e.g. dates, figs & apricots which have natural sugar.
  • Other dry fruit options - Soaked walnuts, almonds & coconut can help you provide sustained energy.
  •  Have hydrating drinks - Buttermilk/milk/ nariyal pani
  • Avoid these foods - Fried fitters or paranthas loaded with oil, caffeine-based beverages like tea/coffee. Also, consume less sugar or alternatives.

Foods while Breaking your fast 

  • Rehydrate your body with a glass of water followed by a fruit/few dates or a piece of coconut.
  • Fasting throughout the day might cause acidity so avoid beverages like tea or coffee at night time.
  • Don’t gorge on sweets just because you are hungry. Have a small piece of mithai.
  • Thali - Whole grains in the form of chapatis, rice with lentil or paneer cooked in a tiny quantity of healthy fats like ghee or cold-pressed mustard oil, etc. clubbed with any vegetable.
  • If you want to avoid mithai/sweets, then you can opt for dates, figs or apricots, etc.

To conclude, all the ladies out there who would be fasting, hope the above-mentioned tips will make your fasting easy and fruitful.

Happy Karva Chauth!

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