Kids need to have nutrient-dense foods or beverages to keep them going throughout the day. They need energy for daily school activities, play and more! But if your child is a fussy eater and you need to be after your kid to feed him properly, then we have a health drink to offer which can be a great solution.

Nowadays, with the growing popularity of ‘health or nutrition drinks,’with health claims in the market, it has become difficult to choose the right one. Commonly available “nutrition supplement mix powders” to be mixed in milk are usually malt-based and are either loaded with sugar, thickeners or do not deliver protein or other essential nutrients in the promised amounts.

Steadfast Nutrition understands the importance of protein at this phase, as the growth and development of the child is dependant upon it. Thereafter, any compromise on protein needs may lead to undergrowth or development.

Steadfast Nutrition Power Active is a protein supplement mix which when simply mixed with milk makes up for a nutritious drink, which can be taken as a breakfast meal or any other time of the day. Power Active provides both macro and micronutrients along with special amino acids, specially formulated to keep your kid energised and active. Furthermore, keeping in mind that children love to have chocolate, they will get the chocolatey flavour coming from natural cocoa powder.

How Power Active is different  from the rest?

Firstly, it is not a malt-based beverage, it is a perfect energy revitalising beverage, which provides 16 gm protein and 14 gm carbohydrates, along with a boost of certain essential vitamins and minerals which are needed for energy production like biotin, pantothenic acid and L-carnitine.

It can be taken by children before they go out to play any games/ sports as an amalgam of both complex and simple carbs, help provide steady and sustained energy for a long duration.

On the other hand, it can be taken as a recovery drink after any kind of physical exertion as the combination of whey protein concentrate ,and skimmed milk powder helps repair wear and tear of muscles, and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) promotes protein synthesis of muscles. Also, the presence of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium supports bone mineral density and strength which is crucial at this age.

Additionally, especially added nutrients like L- carnitine and taurine as per certain studies, may help improve attention power and physical performance. Since, taurine has antioxidant properties which reduce oxidative stress and L- carnitine primarily known for energy production via fat oxidation.

In conclusion, Power Active is a great nourishing drink, best suited for kids to be taken at breakfast, before playing or afterwards for energy and recovery. Its rich formula may help prevent the risk of having nutritional deficiencies and progression in overall physiological growth and development.

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