Coconut fruit is fondly consumed by a large population across the globe. Primarily grown in tropical areas, it is also a part of many culinary preparations due to its delicious taste and flavour.

When it comes to nutritional facts, coconut is very rich in calories but also contains carbohydrates and protein in moderation. There was a time when coconut was defamed by many health experts due to its high-fat content but eventually, clinical trials and research-based evidence revealed that coconut has ample health benefits.

In this article, we will talk about some of the reasons that make coconuts good for our health.

1. Coconut is packed with nutrients like dietary fibre, manganese, copper, selenium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and iron.

2. The high dietary fibre content of coconut makes it excellent for our bowel health as it aids in forming bulk, keeps our colon healthy and helps maintain gut microbial balance.

3. Coconut is high in fats present in the form of MCT. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are considered good fats which are rapid-digesting and act as an instant energy source.

4. Some studies have observed that regular consumption of coconut for a specific period was associated with an improved blood cholesterol profile, increased HDL levels and reduced LDL cholesterol due to the presence of MCTs. An improved triglyceride profile lowers the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

5. Medium-chain fats present in coconut also keeps us satiated for long, provides fullness and promotes fat burning. This ability makes coconut good for people aiming to burn fat or lose weight. People practising ketogenic diets and athletes requiring instant energy can easily include coconut in their diet.

6. Coconut contains lauric acid, which is an excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial agent, hence helps boost immune health with our body’s ability to combat infections and illnesses. In addition, the presence of manganese and antioxidants makes coconut capable of reducing inflammation.

7. As already discussed, medium-chain fats are an instant energy source due to which MCT oil is given as an alternate fuel source to patients with brain and memory-related disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

To sum up, coconut benefits our body in several ways. It is easy to digest, provides instant energy, amplifies our immunity, boosts metabolism, promotes weight loss and easy to incorporate in our diet. Due to the high-calorie content, prefer consuming a coconut in moderation to enjoy the health benefits. Try using it in smoothies, salads, home-made trail mix, desserts, curries and gravies. It is always better to opt for an unsweetened one in case of packaged coconut.

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