Always Tired? Here Maybe a Few Reasons Why

Feeling tired all the time is a common complaint now a days.Fatigue is also known as lack of energy, tiredness, lack of motivation ,physical and mental exhaustion.If your fatigue doesn’t resolve with proper rest and nutrition then its time to visit doctor.It could  be a sign of serious medical condition that can be treated.Here are few reasons of being tired all the time.

Lifestyle Factors :

Lack of sleep is one of the factor of fatigue.An adult need 7-9 hours of sleep consistently.The cause of poor sleep can be poor diet, alcohol drinking, staying up late ,stress etc.

Lack of excercise or over workout can also lead to fatigue. A person  who feels tired may not exercise or if you are doing heavy workout or don’t get enough time to recharge and repair.

Consuming too much caffeine and alcohol  can also lead to fatigue.It can increase anxiety and and makes difficult to mange stress.

Poor diet that consist of junk food, refined sugars, fast food can lead you feeling tired as your body is not getting proper nutrient.

Too much sleep-Sleeping more than 11 hours can cause fatigue

Physical Factors :


Anemia occurs when blood doesn’t get enough oxygen to your body which make you feel tired and weak.It happens when the count of red blood cells is too low.The most common cause of anaemia is Iron deficiency.Having iron, vitamin B12 and folate rich food like green leafy vegetables, tofu, fish, eggs, meat, pulses etc. can help you to recover from Anemia.


Hyperthyroidism causes muscle fatigue and weakness which makes difficulty in riding a bike, climbing stairs or legs related exercise and Hypothyroidism cause muscle soreness, lack of concentration, weight gain etc.


Feeling tired all the time and don’t want to do anything even don’t want to get out of the bed in the morning or having trouble sleeping   is due to depression.It can be due to high stress, nutrition deficiencies, hormonal Imbalance, lack of sunlight and use use of alcohol.


One of the most common reason for being fatigue is Diabetes.High and low blood sugar results in fatigue.You may also feel thirsty, lethargic ,drowsiness and need to go to the bathroom often.

Overweight or underweight

Being overweight causes fatigue because the body has to work harder to carrying the extra weight and being underweight makes you feel tired quickly due to less muscle strength.


Dehydration occurs when there is an excessive loss of body fluids or not taking enough water.Loss of electrolytes  from body can cause fatigue.

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