Lemon is a citrus fruit and an excellent source of vitamin C. Because of its refreshing fragrance and odour, lemon is used in various dishes and beverages. But the good news is that not only lemon extract or juice makes us feel refreshed but also comes with a lot of health benefits for our body.   

Powerful antioxidant - Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C which makes it a strong antioxidant. Free radicals are produced in our body and they tend to damage the healthy cells of the body. The antioxidant helps fight free radicals, and reduce oxidative stress hence preventing the damage of healthy cells.

Possess Anti-Cancer Property - Antioxidant ability of fresh lemon juice also makes it an anti-cancer agent. By keeping tissues healthy, lemon juice reduces the risk of developing cancer. Besides, lemon juice also possesses certain flavonoids having anti-cancer property.

Improves Digestive Health - Fresh lemon juice also aids in improving digestive health. It prevents indigestion and keeps issues like bloating, acidity, heartburn, constipation, etc. at bay.

Boost metabolism - Some studies have shown that consuming fresh lemon juice in a glass of water, every morning, empty stomach helps boost the metabolic rate. This makes lemon juice beneficial especially for those people aiming to lose weight.

Promotes liver health - Lemon juice also helps detoxify the body and flushes out the toxins from the body. This promotes liver function and boosts its health. Besides, lemon also helps in the production of bile in our body which is required for the breakdown of fats and lipids. Fresh lemon juice is also beneficial for people with high uric acid levels. It removes excess uric acid levels from the body hence provides relief from joints pain caused due to inflammation.

Boost immune health - Lemon being rich in vitamin C also helps enhance the immunity of the body. It makes our body strong in fighting against infections, colds and flu.

Helps balance the pH levels of the body - Even being acidic, fresh lemon juice helps balance the pH of the body by acting as an alkaline agent and reduces acidity.

Keeps hair and skin healthy - Fresh lemon juice when applied to the scalp, helps treat dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy. Further, it promotes skin health by maintaining the hydration, removing blemishes and dark spots.

To conclude, it is well-established that fresh lemon juice has multiple health benefits. It keeps us hydrated, prevents dehydration and provides various other reasons to include in the daily diet.

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