Nutrition Daily’s Personalised Liver Diet Plan helped Harish Manage Fatty Liver Disease

I am Harish, 32, from New Delhi. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease a year back. After many medicines and procedures, I wasn’t getting results. Then, A friend who works in the healthcare industry suggested I consult Nutrition Daily for a customised liver diet plan, saying it was much-needed with medications. At first, I was skeptical but gave it a fair chance.

I enquired about the same on their website, the process was smooth and I finally got my customised fatty liver diet plan from a nutrition expert.

Overall, I found the fatty liver diet plan extremely helpful in managing my condition and improving my liver health. First and foremost, the diet plan provided clear guidelines on what foods to include and avoid in my daily meals. It emphasised reducing the intake of saturated fats, trans fats, and added sugars, which are known to contribute to liver damage and fatty liver disease, and instead focused on incorporating healthy food choices into my diet to reduce the burden on my liver.

By following the recommended portion sizes, I was able to maintain a healthier weight and reduce the strain on my liver.

The plan also encouraged regular physical activity, which played a crucial role in managing my fatty liver disease. Exercise helped me lose weight and reduce inflammation in my body. Moreover, it improved my overall liver health and helped detoxify and cleanse my liver. My metabolic health also improved.

It has been two months since I am following the fatty liver diet plan by Nutrition Daily. One of the notable benefits I experienced while following the fatty-liver diet plan was that my energy levels and digestion improved. I also noticed a reduction in bloating and discomfort after meals.

My experience with Nutrition Daily was amazing. The diet plan made a positive change in my liver health and was effective in managing my condition.

I highly recommend consulting with Nutrition Daily as the team of certified nutritionists creates a personalised fatty liver diet plan tailored to individual needs and health conditions.