Weather is an unavoidable part of life and the change in weather is a constant process. The sudden change in weather leads to a spike in a lot of infections and illness especially  for children and old people. Our bodies need time to get adjusted with the weather change. It is unable to adjustment immediately with the rise and fall in temperature. Viral infection, cough and cold, fatigue, skin problem, etc. are some of the symptoms through which the body shows its resistance to the weather change.

Here are a few tips to deal with the challenge of weather change.

Stay Hydrated: Water is the most important component for our body, as we all know our body is made up of 70% of water. Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps us stay healthy. For an adult healthy individual 2.5 - 3 litter of water consumption per day is a key to a healthy body.

Eat Right: A balanced diet comprising of whole grains, fruits, fresh vegetables and dry fruits helps stay energetic throughout the day. Choosing of lean meat, fish, eggs and pulses for protein instead of red meat helps in digestion and provide protection against illness due to weather change. Avoid junk and processed foods as they can have a negative impact on the overall health.

Exercise: Regular exercise can improve blood circulation and aids keeping the stress level down. This in turn helps boost up the immunity. Brisk walking, swimming or yoga works like magic. 

Adequate Sleep: Adequate rest and sleep allows the body and mind to heal, which in turn helps fight various illnesses. Nowadays due to the busy schedule and stressful life, it is difficult to sleep during the night and taking proper rest, as required to help deal with health problems during the changing  weather.  

Functional Food addition: Addition of foods like turmeric, ginger, flaxseed, etc. in the regular diet helps strengthen the body’s immunity mechanism and fight against climate change.

Last but not the least follow proper medical advice if any health complication occurs. It is not advisable to take medication without prescription.

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong!

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