Though breakfast is last on the priority list for some, but it is worth to take out a few minutes for a meal that can really make difference to your day. Breakfast is when we actually “break our fast” after a long good night’s sleep. Not only does it boost our metabolism but also provides essential energy needed to our brain. Studies have linked skipping of breakfast with an increased risk of  type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disorders. Ideally, this important meal should be eaten within 2 hours of waking and should provide approximately 20-35% of our daily calorie needs.

So here we are with some delicious yet healthy breakfast options to relish.

1. Oats Berries Porridge - With the goodness of oats and power-packed juicy berries, this porridge is an excellent meal to opt for. The high fibre content of oats along with protein-rich milk keeps us satiated for long. Top it with seasonal fruits and nuts of your liking to treat your taste buds and, lift up its vitamin and mineral profile.

2.Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie - This is one of the quickest breakfast meals for the morning rush. Blend in curd or yoghurt along with one teaspoon of honey and fruits like grapes, strawberry, banana, etc. to make a mouth-watering smoothie.

3.Banana and Nut Butter Toast - Try this classic toast option with a twist of superfood. Spread a layer of peanut or almond butter on a multigrain bread toast. Top it with sliced banana, sprinkle ground or roasted flaxseeds on it, loaded with healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

4.Vegetable Quinoa - This savoury option is excellent especially for people who are on a gluten-free diet. Quinoa can be made like pulao either in a pressure cooker or pan. Adding veggies like tomato, onion, carrot, capsicum, sweet corn, broccoli adds up to its nutritional value.

5.Spinach Omelette - Loaded with proteins, vitamins and other nutrients, this is an amazing easy breakfast option. You may also add other veggies in the omelette and pair it with toasted bread or a whole wheat chapati.

6.Tofu or Paneer Scramble Sandwich -  One of the best protein rich sandwich that is easy to make and appetising. Add some spices and grate some veggies in the scramble to enhance the flavour. It can be teamed up with a glass of fresh fruit juice.

7.Sprouts Salad - Mix sprouted or cooked moong dal with finely chopped onion, tomato and green chillies. Add some roasted peanuts with some lemon juice squeezed on to make a healthy and crunchy protein-rich salad.   

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