Dussehra is celebrated every year, to mark the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana.

This day allows you to demolish the evil residing within you and to come out as a good human being. So, let us pledge to defeat the wrong eating habits & lifestyle to encourage good health.

1. Skipping your meals

People often skip their meals, especially breakfast as they are in a rush, or many complain they don’t feel hungry as they get up late. The problem is they end up eating more for the other meal, also you need to feed your body to kickstart your metabolism. So, it is advised to have all the three major meals of the day on time, along with short meals at short intervals.

2.Eating fast-food

People love to eat out or order food at home whenever they are in a mood not to cook. Therefore, with time they form a habit, and the frequency of consuming junk food increases with time. Junk food is usually fatty, processed, doesn’t include much of fibre, etc. so it should be included very occasionally.

3. No time for exercise

“I am busy, so I cannot take out time for exercise”, is the most common excuse heard in our busy lifestyle. Exercise is a must as it helps keep you active, improve your energy levels, mood and promotes good health and waves off health issues.

4. No time to cook

It is essential to know how to cook, and once it comes in your daily routine, you no longer take it as a task to cook. The benefits of eating homemade food are that you can always include the ingredients as per your requirement and just things as per your liking i.e. salt, oil, spices, etc.

5. No time to sleep well

Sleep is mostly compromised if we are not able to make time for other things. Although, sleep is equally important, just as nutrition and exercise are to keep you fit. Since sleep helps you to recover better, therefore you must have a proper sleep for 7-8 hours daily.

6. No time for regular check-ups

We should always go for annual check-ups, get the required tests done e.g. sugar, cholesterol, thyroid levels, just to be sure about your health. It always helps you to be sure, and one can take timely treatment in case of any ailment.

7. No “me -time”

This goes especially for all the married women out there, who lose themselves to catch up with their responsibilities. Just like giving time to your family, friends and other important events, it is also important to give time to yourself. Invest time in sorting things, doing things which makes you happy.

8. Inactive lifestyle

Most of us have sedentary work and travel via vehicles, it leads to inactiveness if we do not involve ourselves in any kind of physical activity. Therefore, one should try and move around a little every hour and follow practices like using stairs instead of elevators & lifts.

So, this Dussehra it's time to let go of “ bad habits” and start fresh. Start doing things which you always wanted to do and pave a better path for yourself!.

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