Oats is considered to be like a super food which have many healthy benefits and promoted by many experts. You can have seen an advertisement on TV which claims about the benefits of oats for health and fitness. So, what is exactly so healthy about oats.

Oats is a grain also known as Avena sativa which is a whole grain and can be processed as per the requirement. The whole oats takes longer to get cooked and therefore, generally people prefer rolled and steel cut oats which can be cooked fat. Instant oats are highly processed to which can be cooked fasted with boiling water or milk. Oats are generally preferred in breakfast as a form of porridge, oatmeal or can be added to made granola bars or muffins.

Oats are considered to be nutritious food because of its nutrient profile. Oats are rich in fibre specially soluble fibre known as beta-glucan which have the ability to keep you full for longer, lower “bad” cholesterol from body and balance serum glucose level. Apart from this oats also contain many micro nutrients like manganese, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B complex ad much more which have many health benefits. Some benefits of oats are mentioned below:

  1. Heart health: The special compound found in oats that is beta-glucan is a form of soluble fibre which form gel like structure and helps in lowering “bad” cholesterol from the body. This improves the lipid profile of the body and keeps the heart healthy.
  1. Improved Glucose tolerance: Oats are rich in complex carbohydrates which helps in improved glucose tolerance and better insulin sensitivity. The fibre content in oats delays the emptying of stomach and lead to gradual release of glucose in blood.
  1. Improved Gut Health: Oats when consumed in whole grain form delayed the emptying of the stomach which improves the bowel movement. Fibre content add bulk to the diet and soluble fibre content enhance the gut bacteria’s health which improves overall gut health and bowel movement.
  1. Aid in Weight Loss: Oats have the ability to keep you full for longer with better satiety which helps you in controlling binge eating and overeating. This can make you avoid unwanted calories which can help you in lose extra weight. Oats can help you in manage appetite hormone as it also manage the sugar level better.
  1. Improved Immunity System: Oats contain antioxidants specially a compound known as avenanthramides which is specially found in oats only. This is found to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which improves the immunity of the system. This can be observed that to manage blood pressure as well but more research work yet need to be done on this context.

Oats can be made sweet or savoury for breakfast or lunch because this cereal is rich in fibre and other micronutrients which can enhance the health benefits. There are many options available for oats recipe which can be included anytime during the day. Just focus on having whole cereal or steel cut oats as they are minimal processed and provide maximum benefits.

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