Is gas formation normal? 

Gas formation is a normal part of the process of digestion, and if you are unable to expel it, gas builds up inside your intestine that may cause pain and discomfort. An average adult passes gas up to 21 times a day.

Bloating or gas pain may be caused by :

  • Gum chewing
  • Overeating
  • Swallowing air while drinking or eating
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Certain food items

Ways to get rid of gas: Dietary habits help alleviate gas and symptoms related to it like pain and bloating. Try to maintain a food diary to identify the foods that are giving you gas.

Some of the foods that cause gas are fried food, spicy foods, high fibre foods, high-fat foods, carbonated beverages, lentils, beans, cruciferous vegetables, prunes, lactose-containing foods, sugar-free products and low carb products with artificial ingredients like sugar alcohol, maltitol, sorbitol, etc.

  • Stop chewing gum and avoid smoking
  • Avoid carbonated beverages
  • Avoid drinking with a straw
  • Sit down to eat and chew your meals properly.
  • Some medical conditions like lactose intolerance, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroenteritis, celiac disease, etc. cause gas, bloating and pain issues which can be corrected with changes in your diet and lifestyle.
  • Chamomile tea helps to reduce trapped gas, indigestion and bloating.
  • Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) helps to reduce symptoms related to bloating and gas formation.
  • Cloves help to reduce gas and bloating by producing certain digestive enzymes.
  • Exercise helps to release gas and reduce gas pain. Walking, running, jumping rope helps to reduce gas pain.
  • Activated charcoal medication helps to eliminate gas trapped inside your colon.
  • Peppermint tea helps to reduce gas formation.
  • Include grains, light coloured lentils, fruit-flavoured water, oats, lettuce, spinach, fresh herbs, oranges, bananas, thyme, basil, stevia, etc. to avoid bloating and gas formation.

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