Jamuns are amazingly healthy for us. Their tangy-sweet taste comes with lot many health benefits. When it comes to the favourable fruits for diabetics, Jamun is always on top of the list. Not only Jamun pulp, Jamun seeds are also packed with nutrients and good for our health.

Let us discuss some of the advantages of using Jamun seeds.

1-Regulates blood sugar levels - Jamun seeds contain two compounds - jambolana and jambosine. These two stimulate insulin production in our body and narrow down the rate of sugar release into our bloodstream. It is ideal for diabetic people.

2-Supports digestion - Jamun seeds are good for our digestive health. Presence of dietary fibre in Jamun seeds helps maintain a healthy microbial balance in the gut. They are also effective in treating indigestion issues, fighting inflammation, oral sores and ulcers in our gut.

3-Lowers blood pressure - People suffering from hypertension can make use of Jamun seeds due to the presence of an antioxidant called ellagic acid. This helps maintain blood pressure by preventing rapid fluctuations in it. Some studies also support this claim after concluding that Jamun seeds were able to reduce blood pressure by 34.6%.

4-Promotes weight loss - Jamun seeds might also prove to be a boon for people aiming to shed some extra pounds. Their dietary fibre content keeps us satiated for long and prevents untimely food cravings.

5-Boost immune health - Jamun seeds support our immune health. Presence of antioxidants and certain polyphenolic compounds helps neutralize and annihilate damaging free radicals from the body. This, in turn, amplifies the body’s ability to fight infections.

6-Promotes skin health - Jamun seeds aids in detoxification, purifies the blood and protects our skin from getting wrinkled and premature ageing.

Jamun seeds can be dried easily at home. After washing the seeds, keep them in the sun for drying. After approx. 3-4 days, the outer shell needs to be peeled off to get the inner green seed. Again these green seeds need to be sun-dried for few more days. Post that, simply grind the seeds and store them in an air-tight jar. Simply use them whenever you want to.

To use Jamun seeds, either mix one spoon in a glass of water and consume early morning empty stomach, or make them a part of different recipes like smoothies, salads, etc.

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