Many women experience menstrual cramps before or during the periods , where they experience pain in the lower abdomen and back. It can be so severe and annoying that it may interfere with your everyday activities. Some other symptoms a women can experience are nausea , loose stools, dizziness etc.

During your periods, contraction of uterus happens to get rid of the uterus lining and prostaglandins (hormone like substances) may trigger the muscle contractions and higher the levels of prostaglandins, more sever are the cramps experienced. It is  important to note that everyone doesn’t experience pain , only in certain conditions like endometriosis (tissue lining becomes implanted outside the lining, poly cystic ovary disorder, cervical stenosis (opening of the cervix is small, causing pressure within the uterus) etc.

Pre and During your period

Proven home remedies contain anti-inflammatory compounds which help reduce the muscle contractions and water retention associated with menstrual pain.

  • Chamomile tea :- 2 cups a d day starting a week before your menstrual date may benefit you to relive muscle cramps.
  • Fennel seeds :-Conception of fennel seeds in water , drinking it 2 times day during your periods
  • Cinnamon :-Adding pinch of cinnamon to your herbal tea or having its concoction every morning , works wonders in preventing spasms.
  • Ginger :-Grate ginger into hot water and have after your meals for better digestion and it also helps keep you warm.
  • Dill:- A couple of days before your cycle, start having dill seeds and continue having it upto your cycle lasts.
  • Turmeric :- Curcumin compound in turmeric may help with symptoms , you can try adding turmeric to your favourite cup of tea.

How being physically active helps in the long run?

Maintaining your lifestyle by keeping a regular workout or exercise regimen and having healthy diet goes a long way in preventing menstrual pain. As per study significant difference was found between period pain in women who followed  a healthy lifestyle compared to those who didn’t.

Foods to include:-

  • Include fruits like Papaya, bananas 
  • Eggs are good sources of essential vitamins, protein.
  • Walnuts, almonds , pumpkin seeds are magnesium rich and help ease cramps.
  • Iron rich foods like chicken, fish, leafy green vegetables , dates , pomegranate, jaggery and other iron fortified foods
  • Flaxseeds , oily fish have anti inflammatory properties which help reduce inflammation.
  • Boron helps better absorption of calcium ad phosphorous. Eg avocados, peanut butter , chickpeas.
  • Water rich vegetables like lettuce, celery, cucumbers, watermelon, berries
  • Calcium rich foods like milk and milk products.

Other useful tips

  • Reduce intake of carbonated beverages, caffeine, salty foods, alcohol.
  • Putting a heating pad on your belly or lower back.
  • Fish oil supplements may help reduce cramps.

To conclude, the above mentioned tips can help regularise your menstruation as well help relive associated painful cramps and other symptoms. Although it is advisable to refer a doctor for further discussion or incase you don’t seem to benefit form the remedies offered.

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