Tea and coffee both contain caffeine that helps boost our mood, mental and physical performance and metabolism. But too much caffeine consumption can have side effects.

Although caffeine tolerance depends on your genes thus some people can consume much more of it than others without having any side effects. 

A high dose of caffeine can lead to nervousness and anxiety. 1000 mg or more caffeine per day can cause jitteriness, nervousness, rapid breathing and increased stress levels.

These symptoms vary from person to person depending on their tolerance so low to moderate caffeine doses increases alertness and is beneficial but larger amounts lead to anxiety. Caffeine can impact your sleep and cause insomnia.

Higher caffeine intake is directly related to less sleep affecting the quality of sleep as well. So avoid having caffeine before sleep or at bedtime.

Coffee has a laxative effect and stimulates bowel movements. So high dose of it leads to diarrhoea and loose stools in few people. So to avoid digestive issues stick to a low to moderate dose of caffeine. Although caffeine has its health benefits it can come addictive as it triggers the brain chemicals and may lead to its dependency.

Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and fatigue occur in daily users who consume late amounts of caffeine. It is very important to monitor the dosage and timing of caffeine as it has temporary effects on our blood pressure.

High caffeine dose raises our blood pressure which is a risk factor for stroke, heart attack, etc. but this is a temporary effect. Although caffeine helps to boost our energy when it wears off our system, it leads to fatigue causing a rebound effect.

So the best way to avoid rebound fatigue one should consume it in moderation rather than in high doses. Caffeine has a stimulatory effect on our bladder and a high intake of caffeine causes increased urination. So it is very important to stay hydrated while it's consumed.

Consuming low to moderate amounts of caffeine provides good health benefits but a high dosage of it leads to undesirable side effects which affect our overall health including sleep and energy levels.

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