Mosambi juice is as good as a lemon when it comes to weight loss. Add 1 to 2 glasses of this juice to your diet and cherish its yellow nectar mild flavour along with its health benefits and weight loss properties:

Mosambi juice helps to fight hunger pangs: This fruit is rich in citric acid which helps to fight hunger pangs and late-night cravings. Citric acid helps to boost your metabolic rate and burns fat.

• Low-calorie content: 200 ml of juice consists of just 31 calories, which is way less in comparison to other beverages like milkshakes or sugar-sweetened beverages. It makes for a great in-between meals snack option and is a great way to keep yourself hydrated.

• Helps to burn fat faster: The vitamin C content of this fruit helps to increase our body’s fat-burning capacity.

• Helps to fill you up: It has a high fibre and water content which makes it very filling. Please take note that you shouldn’t strain the fibrous pulp but consume it along with the juice as it helps to keep you satiated for long. Its consumption helps you to burn more calories and prevent fatigue.

• Helps to flush out toxins: Consumption of mosambi juice helps to remove unwanted toxins from your body which improves organ functioning.

Recommendation : 

Excess of everything is bad so just because it helps in weight loss don’t start binge drinking this juice. The upper limit for its consumption should be 2 glasses. You can start your day with fresh mosambi juice along with honey and warm water on an empty stomach. You can flavour it with black salt or a little bit of chaat masala if you want. Firm and heavy mosambi with thin skin are ideal for juicing. This refreshing citrus drink is yummy, delicious and ideal if you are looking to lose weight.

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