The food that you eat affects your gut microflora which plays an important role in keeping you healthy. This article talks about the ways in which you can improve your gut microbiota.

Gut Flora = Prebiotics + Probiotics (They are responsible for various important functions. Thus eating balanced amounts of pre and probiotics is key to keeping up with our gut health.)

• Eat a variety of food items: Include different plant and animal sources in your diet as it leads to a diverse gut flora which is beneficial for our health.

• Include more legumes, beans, fruits and vegetables in your diet: Vegetables and fruits are high in fibre and account for a great source of nutrients for a healthy gut microflora.

• Eat fermented food items: They help to reduce the disease-causing bacteria and enhance the function of the beneficial gut bacteria.

• Avoid artificial sweeteners: They negatively affect your blood sugar levels and have a negative effect on the gut microbiota.

• Include prebiotic foods in your diet: This is the fuel for the probiotic bacteria to grow. The beneficial gut bacteria feed on the prebiotics that is a type of fibre which humans can’t digest.

• Include whole grains: They help to reduce inflammation and increases the feeling of fullness. These non-digestible carbohydrates also help to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

• Include polyphenol-rich foods in your diet: They are plant compounds that cannot be digested by the human cells but can be broken down by the gut bacteria. They help to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Include foods like green tea, red wine, almonds, broccoli, onions, cocoa, dark chocolate, etc. in your diet.

In conclusion, to maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria it is important to eat plant sources like whole grains, legumes, beans, veggies, fruits and eat a variety of fresh and whole food items.

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