Navratri has arrived and it's time for many to feast on while fasting.

What exactly is traditional fasting or Upavas?

The fasting trend involves eating what you should be eating during the season and involves preparations like sabudana khichdi, jhangora kheer, kuttu pooris, rajgeera thalipeeth, etc. The purpose is to include proper nutrients that work for better health and immunity.

On the other hand, the other fasting trend which involves time-restricted eating, names like intermittent fasting, etc. are being followed by people to lose weight.

Commonly consumed foods are as follows:-

-  Dry Fruits or Nuts: Provide you with important nutrients like zinc, selenium, magnesium, etc.

- Milk, Paneer:  Consumed in good amount during the festival of Navratri, these protein-rich sources help prevent wear and tear in the body.

-  Sweet Potato Salad: Can be eaten in between meals, helps provide energy and is easy to digest.

-   Rajgira ki roti: The flour of rajgira contains a good amount of amino acid lysine. It is rich in fibre, and phytosterols which help in reducing hypertension, cholesterol and inflammation.

Singhare Atta (water chestnut flour) Roti: Singhara flour is rich in vitamins B and E, potassium, zinc, etc. Low in fat and sodium and can be used to make rotis, cheelas, etc.

-  Kuttu-Badam ka Halwa: A delicious as well as a nutritious dessert, it is a good source of micronutrients like manganese, copper, magnesium. Also, it has a great amino acid profile mainly rich in arginine and lysine.

- Barnyard Millet Pulao: It can be used in several preparations during the festival like pulao along with aloo and peanuts.

-  Banana Flour: Raw banana or green banana is a part of many Navratri dishes. It can be steamed, deep-fried, curried or mashed. This ingredient is rich in prebiotic as high in fibre and an excellent food choice for people with digestive or bowel problems.

-   Makhana (fox nuts or lotus seeds): An ideal snack, it is quite heart-healthy as it is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. When roasted in some ghee, the glycemic index is further lowered as great for diabetics too.

- Lassi (buttermilk): These beverages contain antioxidants that aid in detoxification and boosting immunity.

To summarise, cherish these foods this Navratri and stay healthy!

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