MYTH: You cannot eat sugar 

Sugary foods and desserts should be limited when it comes to PCOS but they can be enjoyed in moderation. To satisfy your cravings one can use a healthy option with antioxidants like dark chocolate with 70% cocoa. If you are too restrictive with sweets it can lead to binge eating.

MYTH: People with PCOS should avoid dairy

Milk is a rich source of protein and calcium and has a high lactose content. In many studies, dairy consumption has been linked to acne, incensed insulin and androgen levels. This is why dairy is not advisable for women with PCOS but if you are not sensitive to milk or don’t have a milk allergy you may not need to eliminate dairy from your diet and can consume few servings per week.

MYTH: Gluten-free diet is the best for PCOS 

There is no scientific evidence to support that a gluten-free diet helps to lose weight. Only women with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity are benefited from removing gluten as it helps them improve their symptoms and feel better. Women with PCOS should focus on eating fibre rich vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Protein-rich foods help to balance out blood sugar levels, in weight management and helps to reduce the risk of many diseases.

MYTH: One should avoid eating fruits

People think all carbs are bad but this is not the case. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals along with fibre. They help to lower blood pressure, reduce insulin resistance, helps in cancer prevention and improve cholesterol levels. Women with PCOS who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables lose more abdominal fat, have improved inflammatory markers and insulin sensitivity.

Eat fruits with skin like strawberries, apples, etc. as they have a lower glycemic index than fruits without skin like watermelon, pineapple, etc. Please note that fruits are carbohydrates and should be paired with a protein source to stabilise insulin and glucose levels like apple and peanut butter. Avoid any kind of fruit juice as it quickly spikes insulin levels.

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