Festive time means feasting time, which includes over-indulgence in your favourite food and assorted sweets leading many people to tend to overeat and then, later on, face common indigestion issues. Avoid making these common mistakes and follow the tips mentioned below:-

1. Overeating  

It is where you go wrong and end up feeling guilty, later on leading to acidity, indigestion or bloating problems.


- Drink enough water throughout the day or include beverages like buttermilk, coconut water, herbal teas and lemon water.

- Keep your portion size in control. People are fond of having sweets in between without realising the number of calories they are getting. Have only small bites of assorted sweets of your choice.

  • Choose to eat 3 items for the main course
  • One of which should be carbohydrate-rich like chapati, rice, millet, other portions of protein like paneer, dal and one seasonal vegetable.

- Pick one dessert that is fresh, preferably homemade.

2. Drinking Alcohol

  • Know that any kind of alcohol-based drink is bad, and provides you with no nutrition. So, if you have to drink, then stick to not more than 2 pegs for men.
  • Have a glass of water in between two drinks.
  • Avoid sweetened soda or carbonated beverages with hard drinks. Choose to have water only.

3. Trying to overcompensate the next day is not required

- Start your day with a glass of water and a banana (for headache) or you can include gulkand to reduce acidity/bloating issues.

  • Don't under-eat or skip your meal to compensate for the calories.
  • Start your day normally, but include more fibre foods coming from fruits, vegetables and protein on this day.
  • Do exercise but do not over-exert as it will put stress on your muscles.

To conclude, just go easy on high-calorie foods, make a smart choice, watch your portion size and most importantly enjoy your day with full zeal.

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