Fermented foods are the hidden gems that not just taste delicious but also has many health benefits to offer. Kimchi is a staple Korean dish made from fermented vegetables such as cabbage, ginger, onion, radish, and carrot, and various different spices. Each pot of kimchi has a distinctive taste of its own from the different kinds of spices that go into it, but typically it has a spicy yet sour taste to it.

The fermentation process is said to help break down compounds that impact for better absorption of vitamins and minerals present in kimchi. The probiotic content of kimchi are friendly bacteria that can benefit your digestive health. 

Nutrients in Kimchi:

  • Kimchi is known to be a good source of folate which plays a huge role in pregnancy reducing the risk of central neural tube defects.
  • It also has potassium that helps control the body’s balance of fluids.
  • Calcium present in kimchi is important for muscle contractions as well as strong teeth and bones.
  • Choline in kimchi is vital for maintaining your cells, muscles, nervous system, and even mood changes.
  • Vitamin K present in kimchi helps in blood clotting and bones from becoming brittle.

Benefits of Kimchi

  • Full of nutrients
  • Maintains a healthy gut
  • Supports imune system
  • Protects your heart
  • Protects against oxidative stress

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