One of the most common issues heard these days is having hair related problems like hair fall, hair thinning, bad hair days and baldness in men. Everyone talks about their hair products, exchanging ideas, wasting a huge amount of money only to improve the texture of hair by use of chemical shampoos, etc.

Internal nutrition plays a key role when it comes to having good hair. Why? No matter how many treatments you may undergo, eating well for your hair health and staying stress-free will give you better as well as long-lasting results.

It is time to invest in real foods and say no to chemical treatments. Read on to know the best foods to get that lustrous hair.

1) Aliv seeds/Garden cress seeds 

These seeds have long been forgotten and are less famous comparatively. But it is a powerhouse of nutrients and provides your hair with what all it needs. They offer vitamin A, vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium and protein, all of which helps improve your hair growth and volume.

Ways to include it in your diet:-

Make Aliv ladoo using jaggery, ghee and dates, which will add on to the iron value as well. You may also sprinkle it over salads, shakes or have them on its own.

2) Curry Leaves 

These leaves are the most valuable source of carotene, needed for strengthening of hair follicles. It also provides other nutrients and therefore, should be considered to be included.

Ways to include it in your diet:-

Add it to your south Indian dishes, legumes, dals, poha, upma, etc.

Another way is to drink curry leaves infused with water.

3) Fenugreek seeds 

Methi seeds are known to help manage sugar levels, but they are also a great pick when it comes to better hair growth.

It is rich in nicotinic acid content, which is known to be beneficial against hair fall and scalp issues like dandruff. It also has micronutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, etc.

Ways to include it in your diet:-

Have methi seeds soaked in water or sprouted methi seeds in the morning. Add it to your curries and dals.

4) Amla

Amla is known to be the richest source of vitamin C that helps reduce oxidative stress and improve the absorption of iron as well.

Ways to include it in your diet:- 

Eat amla daily, you can also have amla murabba, chutney or mix it well with aloe vera juice.

5) Nuts and seeds

Nuts help provide vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and it reduces premature growing of hair, hair breakdown and helps nourish hair follicles.

Ways to include nuts in your diet:-

Include almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. to your diet.

If your hair fall is related to nutrient deficiencies and not genetic, then eating a wholesome diet and including foods mentioned above will show positive results after some time.

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