Changing your diet helps to fight off acne issues as unhealthy foods can be a cause for it. Too much secretion of sebum causes acne, and it can be caused by irregular periods, hot and humid weather, stress, genetics, etc. This article talks about foods that cause acne :

1. Milk/Milk Products: Excess milk consumption causes our body to produce high amounts of insulin (therefore, it is known as insulinogenic). It can also cause hormone dense delivery system and acne is directly linked with hormones so to avoid acne issues one should consume milk and milk products within limits.

2. Bread: Gluten in bread tends to increase inflammation and cause damage to the small intestine in case of people who are sensitive to gluten. Its consumption is linked to low antioxidant levels in the body. So try to eliminate bread from your diet.

3. Spinach: Excess spinach consumption is linked to acne and breakout issues as it contains high amounts of iodine so consume spinach within limited amounts.

4. Fried food: Consumption of fried food leads to accumulation of excess oil, aggravates acne and makes your skin look unhealthy. So to prevent acne stay away from fried food items.

5. Alcohol: Alcohol consumption triggers inflammation and causes an imbalance of oestrogen and testosterone levels. The high amount of alcohol consumption can damage your skin as it leads to a risk of zinc deficiency and zinc is important to fight and overcome acne issues.

6. Caffeine: To overcome acne issues limit your intake of caffeine, as high amounts of caffeine is a cause for acne.

7. Spicy food: Extra spicy food can cause inflammation in the digestive tract and harm the digestive system. So limit your intake of heavily spiced food items as they can cause acne breakouts.

Bringing small changes in your daily diet will definitely help you in treating and avoiding issues related to acne.

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