Many people observe fast, celebrate and offer prayers during the special festivities. And people who do not observe fast can indulge in foods loved made specially during this time.

The white butter is one of the famous items found in the Indian households, but now people either do not get time to churn fresh butter or else they have replaced it by other fat alternatives.

The market bought yellow butter has salt, transfats, colouring agents, and unlike fresh white butter, it doesn’t contain any carotene.

Reasons to eat homemade white butter

  • Anti-ageing properties for better skin.
  • Presence of bioactive enzymes and carotene helps enhance taste and improve immunity.
  • It helps in the better absorption of fat double vitamins like calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A and D.
  • Presence of antioxidants like vitamin A and E in butter helps in improving skin and providing it with a natural glow.
  • Presence of butyric acid, which acts as a feed for intestinal cells.
  • It helps lubricate joints and good for people with joint pain.
  • The presence of arachidonic acid helps in better brain functioning and activity.
  • It should be a part of the diet, but to be included in less quantity to restrict the calories.

What foods to eat if you are fasting?

Many people eat post-sunset or offering prayer, on the other hand, many people do not follow it so strictly and keep eating in between as well. Here is the list of foods you can have during the fasting period.

- Fruits - Any seasonal fruits like mangoes, bananas, pomegranate can be consumed.

Dry fruits - You can always start your meal with some dry fruits as they provide you with instant energy and nutrients.

How to plan your meal?

  • Paneer - Include paneer in dry sautéed form or else paneer curry can be taken in your major meal. It is a great source of calcium, protein and other important nutrients as well.
  • Curd - Buttermilk or curd helps provide probiotics needed for our gut health.
  • Singhara atta roti or kuttu atta roti with some white butter. These flour-based rotis provide you with better nutrients compared to sago.
  • Cucumbers should be included
  • Potato curry

For Sweets 

  • Makhana kheer - Foxnuts are a great source of calcium and makhana kheer can be included as a part of the diet.
  • Cheena kheer - Homemade paneer made kheer is a good option to indulge in.
  • Nariyal and dry fruits barfi

To conclude, in India every celebration is done with great enthusiasm, and this year do not fear eating fresh white butter for healthy celebration.

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