• Eat whole foods: The quality and quantity of food that you eat plays a big role in weight loss. Eat good quality whole foods and avoid processed food items as much as you can in your diet.

• Eat more fibre: When you consume more fibre-rich foods it helps to keep you full for a longer period of time and increases satiety.

• Eat more proteins: Protein helps to increase fullness, reduce hunger and affects your appetite and promotes weight loss. People who consume more protein-rich foods tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day.

• Avoid drinking sugar: Beverages like vitamin water, colas, fruit juices are all loaded with sugar which is the most fattening item. Avoid all these sugary beverages instead eat whole fruits.

• Keep a check on your water Intake: Adequate water intake aids in weight loss and affects our calorie consumption. Drinking water 30 minutes before meals helps to lessen calorie intake and reduces hunger.

• Portion size matters: Large portion size is linked to eating more calories and weight gain.

• Chew your food properly: When you take time and chew your food it is linked to increased fullness, decreased food intake and smaller portion sizes. Fast eaters are more likely to gain weight than slow eaters.

• Eat without distractions: Pay attention to your meals as it helps you to consume fewer calories. Being distracted by computer games or the TV may cause you to overeat and these extra calories may negatively impact your weight loss efforts.

• Sleep well: Sleep has effects on your weight and appetite. Poor sleep disrupts your hormones which increases your cravings for unhealthy food causing you to eat more.

• Keep unhealthy foods out of sight: If you store unhealthy foods within your reach then it increases cravings and hunger which causes you to eat more leading to weight gain. So keep fruits and vegetables in plain sight and store away all the unhealthy snacks.

• Sleep well: Good sleep is directly related to one's mental and physical health. Poor sleep causes weight gain and hinders your weight loss progress. Maintain proper sleep hygiene.

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