The new chapter of life brings happiness along with responsibilities, love and care for your newborn. It is said that you can only care the most if you believe in self-care. Similarly, since the baby is totally dependent upon the mother’s milk for nutrition, in return mother’s health and nutrition needs become crucial.

Many women start cursing on their diet in the wrong way and compromise more on their nutritional needs along with the calories too.

Going low carb is not the best bet postpartum as carbohydrates are necessary for milk production, mental health, hormone regulation and more.

Below given are few guidelines which might help reduce weight without compromising on nutrition needs:-

1. Focus on filling up on these nutrient-based food sources


Coloured fruits and vegetables

Fibre-rich complex carbohydrates

Good fats like ghee, nuts, seeds, seed-based oils

2. Stay hydrated all day long

Include 3 litres of water on a daily basis

Reduced intake of caffeine drinks

Including hydrating beverages

3. Have adequate calories

Fuelling your body with the calories coming from the right kind of foods is important. The calorie needs are variable and depend upon the age, metabolic rate, activity levels. Also, having adequate calories is the best approach, neither overeat nor eat less. The weight loss will happen gradually, and it is best to go slowly.

4. No packaged foods, processed foods

Eating food items which are poor sources of nutrients, will supply you with more calories only. Also, they may have a negative impact on your hormones and mental health too.

5. Sleep properly

It is important to sleep well, even if it is as per your baby’s routine. It is unsaid that sleep deprivation is common as it is difficult to manage your responsibilities along with looking after your baby. But, best is to catch up with sleep whenever you get time. It is highly required for overall recovery.

To summarise, motherhood is not easy and looking after yourself is absolutely desirable to stay happy and healthy.

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