World Water Day and Holi are both annual events of equal significance. World Water Day reminds us about the importance of water and encourages us to conserve the valuable entity. While Holi spreads happiness and the colours of joy in our lives. 

“22nd March” is acknowledged as “WORLD WATER DAY”. The main aim of celebrating this day is to broaden the knowledge on “Significance of fresh water along with sustainable management of freshwater reservoir.” This year the theme of world water day 2019 is ‘leaving no one behind.’

Water is the crucial element of earth as it is responsible for the existence of life on the planet. Moreover, there are many areas where people do not have access to fresh water. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to preserve this resource by using it wisely. Water is one of the basic necessity as it is required for every single work ranging from drinking to washing.

This year World Water Day and Holi will be celebrated one after the other in a row reminding us that we should save water, a precious element on earth. Every year we play Holi by rubbing beautiful colours on one another. After the celebration, we utilise plenty of water for washing and cleaning purpose. So, let’s take a pledge not to use fresh water on this colourful festival. In this article you’ll find different ways of celebrating Holi without any wastage of water:

  • Limit the water use: Try not to use water needlessly. Keep measured quantity of water aside and play Holi within that quantity.
  • Play dry Holi: This year play Holi with dry and organic colours. Natural and organic colours are easily removed without wasting extra water. You can also enjoy the festival with colourful flowers.
  • Avoid the use of water balloons and pichkaris.
  • Avoid repeated bathing or washing as it causes more wastage of water.
  • Play Holi outdoor: Playing in the house leads to a lot of mess, so to avoid this we should play HoIi in the area allocated for the purpose.

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